The Three Period Lesson is a fundamental method in presenting lessons in Montessori education.  Its main aim is for mastery of concepts.  These three periods of introducing materials helps children to retain the lessons as they progress from simple to complex work cycles.  The three period lesson as well strengthens the children’s vocabulary.

The First Period Lesson:  Naming Period “This is…” “Can you say…”

Montessori curriculum is introduced by allowing the child to name and identify the materials concretely.  Through the first period lesson the child will experience to hold them and verbally identify example“This isellipse.”  The teacher may then ask the child to repeat the name of the material by saying “Can you sayellipse?”

The Second Period Lesson:  Recognition and Association  “Please show me…”  “Can you point…”  “Can you place…”

This period allows the child to establish its kinaesthetic memory.  By asking the child to hold and move the objects example“Can you point the square?”  “Can you place the square on the chair?”  It strengthens their recognition of the material’s name.  The second period lesson may come in different variation as to how the teacher can present the lesson to make it more attractive and interesting to the child. One example is to ask the child to close their eyes and move the objects around. 

The Third Period Lesson:  Recall “What is this?”

This is the evaluation period.  The teacher determines if the child can recall the material and will be able to answer it verbally by asking “What is this?” by pointing at the materials.  The third period lesson is a significant way to determine if the presentation is successful.  Once the child is unable to give the names, Montessori teachers casually repeats the name and allow the child to say it once again.  Children are not made to be felt that they failed.  The teacher may repeat the presentation on the succeeding work cycle period when needed until the child masters the concept.

Montessori lessons stick with students for life. How much do you remember from your preschool experience?
Did it help you build self-esteem and allow you to develop the strong work habits you needed for later successes? With the time proven Montessori Method, children work at their own pace to learn how to interact with others and change the environment around them for a better future.
The late Dr. Maria Montessori's method, which is adopted by Lollikids, focuses on treating children as individual beings capable of learning on their own. This leads to their growth into fully self-capable, functioning members of society who care able to handle and comport themselves in any social, technical or academic environment. By using interactive learning tools and easy to manipulate prompts, even the youngest children can gain useful skills.