Our classrooms are well equipped with Montessori materials that help to assist in a child's development. They are color-coordinated and child-sized and thus, attractive to and appropriate for the child. The purpose of these materials is to help build discipline, organization, independence, and self-esteem through concentration on a precise and completed cycle of activity. These activities help to promote adaptation, concentration, independence, and coordination of movement, all of which help the child to mature and grow into society as a well-rounded human being.
The Montessori approach offers a broad vision of education as an aid to life. Its environment is clean,
ordered, free of obstacles, and filled with activities. It allows for free choice, as the child can choose from any activity he would like to work with. The Montessori approach uses materials and exercises that are designed to help integrate the mind, body, and spirit of the child. Children are taught to begin taking care of themselves, as well as the environment. These exercises help the child to develop and coordinate movement and to develop and strengthen his pincer grip, which is the first step to holding a pencil and starting to write. All of these exercises help the child to learn how to take responsibilities.