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Hi, When our daughter is in Lollikids we know that she is in a fun, loving and nurturing environment. The Montessori classes are tailored to every child's strength and interest. They let the child develop at his/her own pace without any pressure of achieving a particular level of proficiency. The teachers are firm yet compassionate. They instill discipline, but are aware that as kids they can also be cranky or hyperactive. The staff are very well-trained and always ready to chat about your child's daily schedule, routine and behavior.  We are confident that we made the right choice with Lollikids.

        Mark & Giselle Mulder (Zaia, 3 years old, Dutch).
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I would like to thank you for providing a safe and happy learning environment for my daughter May. She is learning so much each day - she started counting,singing and potty trained since she started going to Lollikids. The classroom and facility are very clean, bright and cheerful. I am happy with Lollikids preschool.

         Mr Matthew & Mrs Kaori Lee (May Lee, 2.5 years old, American)
Lollikids Montessori PreK and day care centre provides safe and quality environment for children of different cultures and multicultural dedicated staff. It's a beautiful little world of diversity.
My son has been attending LM since he was 2 years old, and in just a few months we could see amazing progress in his social and language skills.
It was very important for us as parents to be able to provide Novak safe and peaceful environment where he could meet friends of all cultures, and learn in bright, well maintained classrooms. We're expecting him to be prepared for school later - socially, emotionally and academically.
Montessori curriculum, loving, caring and patient teachers, who do their best to give all the children individual attention, friendly staff - that's all that is needed for amazing developement in preschool years. That is what we found at Lollikids Montessori. We feel thankful and fortunate to be a part of big LM family.

         Mr Putra Agung Wisnu & Mrs Hristina Nikolic Murti (Novak, 4 years old, Indonesian-Serbian).
I went to visit Lollikids Montessori day-care because it was a Montessori school.  I decided to send my son there for three reasons; itís a Montessori school, a day-care and the facilities were immaculate. 
My son has been attending the day-care since January and in that time Iíve never seen him happier.  Itís an incredible testament to the school that not only does he actually try to go to school on weekends, book bag in tow, but also that although heís at an age where he can barely talk he will almost always say thank you and wave bye-bye to people.  And an even bigger testament to the school is the fact that when we walk into it, my son leaves my arms happily and runs up to his teacher to hug her and forgets about me.  He is not only happy to wave me off, but heíll often do it hanging on to any teacher who happens to be there.  The staff at the school have made my son feel doted on and loved, and every time I watch their interaction with him it brings tears to my eyes as I know heís so well looked after.
Iíve watched the CCTVs and watched their interaction.  My sonís teachers, Ms. Nana and Ms. Wita, are AMAZING with him and he loves them dearly.   Theyíve been very helpful to me in terms of navigating various toddler stages, always willing to answer my questions and reassure me.  They treat my son so well, and genuinely seem to care; even when they donít know theyíre being watched they dote on him.  As for the other teachers and staff they all behave the same towards him.  I often tease them that theyíre spoiling him, but when I see the developmental progress heís made in the past few months and how happy and well-adjusted he is I know that I made the right decision in choosing this school.
I would recommend it to anyone happily.

          Mr Andrew & Mrs Marie J Beck (Alex, 2 years old, French)
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